Sensory Integration

Sensory Integration | Sensory Processing Disorders

Sensory Integration refers to the neurological process of receiving, organizing, and responding to input from the sensory systems: Auditory, Visual, Gustatory (Taste), Tactile (Touch), Vestibular (Balance & Movement), Proprioceptive (Muscle & Joint sense). Breakthrough Therapy Services therapists have years of experience working with toddlers, children, teens, even young adults who are diagnosed with sensory processing disorders.

Our ability to function in our daily environments is dependent on our ability to correctly process sensory information. Some common clues that may determine if a child is having sensory integration problems are:

  • Unusually high or low activity levels
  • Impulsive or a risk taker
  • Short attention span, easily distracted
  • Problems with muscle tone and coordination; child may be clumsy, awkward, and accident prone
  • Resistance to new situations; child may become obstinate or uncooperative with any minor change to their routine
  • Academic, social, and emotional problems

Sensory Integration Therapy | Making “Breakthroughs” in Broward County 

Sensory Integration Therapy is performed primarily by an occupational therapist or certified, licensed, occupational therapy assistant aka “COTA,” and provides your child with the proper amount and type of sensory information that his/her nervous system requires to properly function. By providing the appropriate sensory information the child is able to develop adaptive behavior that leads to improved function and independence.  An Occupational therapist guides your child through a variety of activities; training the mind and body to properly process sensory information. Breakthrough Occupational Therapists in Davie have a multitude of treatments; having the space for a “gym” offers some unique opportunities.  In fact, Breakthrough’s gym has a specialized swing where children experience particular movements and sensations as part of their sensory therapy.   The “swing” was created to allow various positions like laying down or sitting up for the greatest impact.  Moreover, the gymnasium allows therapists to integrate “fun” into their sessions.  Utilizing “therapy balls” for improving balance and having children move through an obstacle course to improve motor planning are but a couple of the treatments.

Breakthrough Sensory Integration Therapists

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