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Kimberly Bloom, MS, CCC-SLP

Founder, Director

Kimberly Bloom, Founder and Director of Breakthrough  Therapy Services Center for Children with Autism, Delays, and Disabilities in Davie, Florid has been working with children providing Speech-Language Therapy, in the same Crexcent Center location for thirty years.  Kimberly  Bloom is not only a UCF and NOVA Alumni, she works closely with NOVA SOUTHEASTERN to provide speech students an excellent opportunity to learn from and contribute to children and their families here in Broward County.  The Sun Sentinel wrote, “…Kimberly Bloom is a leading Autism Therapist, a skilled supervisor and educator, and a wonderful person.  Notably, Ms. Bloom with over 25 years of experience in Pediatric Speech Pathology was chosen to serve as the Speech Pathology Director at Dade County’s SFACS (South Florida Autism Charter School) in Hialeah, and it’s  Bloom and her team of Breakthrough Therapists who now have a helpful “footprint” in Dade County as well.

Kimberly Bloom attended the University of Central Florida, UCF in Orlando, FL, where she earned a Bachelors Degree in Communicative Disorders. Kimberly Bloom continued and earned her Masters of Science in Speech- Language Pathology from Nova Southeastern University Speech Program in Davie, Florida.

Kimberly Bloom, Ft Lauderdale Speech Therapist strives to include Alternative treatments for Autism, Speech and Occupational delays and disabilities in Children, especially.

Harnessing the power of technology and fun! Bloom enjoys applying the kind of recreational activities children enjoy outside school, then finding therapeutic applications.  In 2009, her Wii-habilitation Programs were highlighted in the Sun-Sentinel; and now in 2014, it’s all about  XBOX Kinect-therapy!  Kimberly’s vast knowledge of Speech, Language, Occupational, and Alternative therapeutic disciplines means Breakthrough Pediatric Treatment Center offers a range of language, handwriting, sensory, and play-group therapy by “casting a wide net.” Of course, her specialty lies within her innate ability to connect with Autistic children, or those teens and young children with delays, disabilities, and, in essence, with varying exceptionalities. Kimberly Bloom, Speech pathologist, CCC-SLP, is credited throughout the South Florida community, and Southwest Broward in particular, as one of the rare few who knows that “breaking through” to children with disabilities and Autism, requires patience and perseverance. Kimberly Bloom, Speech Therapist and Director of Breakthrough Speech and Occupational Therapy Services states, “It’s one thing to be an Occupational therapist or in my case, Speech Therapist who understands the fundamentals of communication, but at Breakthrough Therapy Services, our Top Speech therapists and experienced Occupational therapists have an uncanny ability to elicit participation from your special needs child.

Davie Speech Therapist for over 20 years, Kimberly Bloom, MS, CCC-SLP has earned the reputation of a seasoned speech therapist in Davie, Ft Lauderdale, North Miami, Hollywood, Hallandale, and throughout all of South Broward. From Weston to Cooper City, to the amazing Breakthrough Therapy Clinic in Davie, Kimberly Bloom prides herself on bridging even the most insurmountable gaps. Kimberly Bloom, Founder and Pragmatic or “Play Group” Therapist, has earned the respect of her colleagues and has been spotlight recognized through her multiple speech therapy awards in Ft Lauderdale (Broward County), for dedication and service throughout Broward County and all of South Florida. Kimberly Bloom, Affordable Speech Therapy, Davie, has experience in working with a wide range of special needs and autistic children, from the Broward County Public Schools to private sessions and her Special Needs School or “Therapy Center” building a loyal and satisfied group of pediatric patients and their families. Medicaid Therapy Ft Lauderdale.

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