Pre-Kindergarten Tutoring

Florida (VPK) Voluntary Prekindergarten Assessment Testing and Tutoring

What is the purpose of the Florida VPK Assessment?

According to “Florida’s Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) Education Program,” the Florida VPK Assessment affords Broward County teachers a manageable system to collect helpful information identifying on the skill levels utilized to collect helpful data by which teachers, private school admissions, and parents can understand whether the child is ready for school.  Moreover, once your child has been tested, deficiencies or weaknesses can be worked on, insuring your little one will receive the proper guidance and direction.

Where can I test my child’s readiness for nursery? Prekindergarten? Kindergarten?

Breakthrough Therapy Services has hired Mrs. Jerolyn Bloom.  Jerolyn received her teaching credentials and an extraordinary number of specialty certificates from NOVA Southeastern University in Davie, Florida and has taught VPK for 17 years at Memorial Hospital Child Care.  Now, as fate and luck would have it, Jerolyn provides testing and tutoring for our little ones at Breakthrough Pediatric Speech and Occupational Center at 12545 Orange Drive, Suite 502, Davie, Florida!

Please contact Breakthrough Pediatric Therapy Services aadministration at (954) 474-8048.

Questions about scheduling your child’s Florida VPK Assessment Test and subsequent tutoring?

Give your child the gift of knowledge and readiness!