Listening Program

The Therapeutic Listening Program is also used at Breakthrough Therapy. Listening is a whole-body experience that connects us to the world outside ourselves and is the most basic precursor to interaction, speaking, reading, and writing. Listening relates closely to arousal, attention, vigilance, and concentration. Therapists at Breakthrough Therapy are trained, and skilled in the use the Therapeutic Listening Program to help children with sensory processing disorders that impact attention, focus and motor control. The Therapeutic Listening Program has the child listen to special modulated music individually picked for them to listen to through the use of specialized headphones. The child can perform other activities or daily routines while listening to the music. Therapeutic listening stimulates the vestibular- cochlear system, which is the attending and organizing mechanism of the middle ear. It enhances interconnections throughout the central and autonomic nervous system. The Therapeutic Listening Program is usually conducted for two to six months, however some children may exceed this time due to their sensory diet needs and diagnosis. Results of the Therapeutic Listening Program directly improve focus, attention, behavior, and participation in treatment. As a result, children obtain increase benefits from therapies. The outcome from therapeutic listening is improved fine motor, visual motor, coordination, speech and language skills.

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