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Therapy Services

Communication disorders are among the most common disabilities in the United States. According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), it is estimated that approximately 10% of preschool children in the United States have speech disorders, while the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) reports approximately 6-8 million children receive some form of speech therapy or other services for speech and language disorders each year. Speech disorders are defined as an impairment of the articulation, phonology, and voice.

Here at Breakthrough Therapy Services we specialize in the identification and treatment of these disorders in children. We believe that by aggressively treating speech impairments through evidence-based intervention methods, we can greatly improve a child’s overall future and success.

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As most children learn to speak, it is common for them to make some speech errors as they learn new words. Every sound has a different range of ages when the child should pronounce the sound correctly. If these errors continue past a certain age a speech sound disorder may be present. At Breakthrough Therapy Services, we are skilled at assessing a child’s speech output to determine whether or not therapy is necessary. If we conclude that your child would benefit from speech services, we generate a custom intervention plan and home program in order to promote correct production of these sounds.


Phonological disorders involve a pattern of sound errors. Example of common sound pattern error would be substituting the “t” sound for a “k” sound (i.e. “tup” for “cup”) or deleting the “s” sound in the beginning of some words (i.e. “poon” for “spoon”). Although, these substitutions and deletions may be acceptable in young children who are learning speech, it is unfavorable for these errors to continue as the child gets older. Phonological sound disorders can severely affect speech intelligibility if left untreated.

Here at Breakthrough Therapy Service, our therapy team is highly knowledgeable in the identification and treatment of phonological disorders. We use multiple step Treatment plan in order to fix these sound pattern errors.


A voice disorder can be characterized as an interruption in pitch, loudness, and overall vocal quality that negatively affects communicative abilities. According to The American Speech-Language- Hearing Association the incidence rate of pediatric voice disorders range from 6% to 23% with more than 1 million children in the United States affected by chronic dysphonia. At Breakthrough Therapy Services, we believe in a team effort to treat voice disorders. We collaborate with otolaryngologists, to learn innovative intervention methods, in order to provide the most effective treatment for children with voice disorders.


Language disorders among the most prevalent of all the clients seen at Breakthrough Therapy Services. Language disorders can affect many aspects of communication including receptive language, expressive language, and pragmatic language. Depending on the individual and the level of severity, one or more of these areas of language can be impaired. Effective language skills are a necessary for children to achieve success in academics and future occupations, as well as build relationships. The cause of language disorders is unknown, although they often occur in children with developmental problems, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, hearing loss, and learning disabilities. At our clinic, we utilize formal and informal assessment, as well as collaboration with professionals and family members, in order to determine which parts of language are impaired. From there we will create a treatment plan to improve these deficits.

Receptive Language

Receptive language is the ability to comprehend language. Someone with adequate receptive language skills has the ability to listen and understanding what is being conveyed by the speaker. Children with receptive language difficulty are often confused by a speaker’s message due to slower processing and lack of concentration on the message. These may also struggle with understanding figurative language, as well as following a series of commands. Here at Breakthrough Therapy Services, we are experienced at identifying deficits in receptive language, and treating them using effective intervention methods.

Expressive Language

Expressive language disorders can be characterized difficulties with verbal and written expression. Children expressive language disorders typically have problems with vocabulary, complex sentences structure, and word finding. As a result, the child’s verbal output is often grammatically incorrect, with a vocabulary that is below their peers. Their spoken language may also consist of very short phrases or they may avoid speaking altogether. This inability to express one-self verbally can lead to behavior problems and trouble in school. Here at Breakthrough Therapy Services, we understand the importance of expressive language and work diligently to identify and treat these deficits in our patients.

Pragmatic Language

Pragmatic language pertains to how language is used to communicate socially. Children who exhibit challenges with pragmatic language may not know how to interact with others an as a result seem “rude” or “awkward” to new people. Any child can have difficulty with pragmatic language impairment. However, they are commonly associated with Autism and Aspereger Syndrome, as well as non autistic disabilities such as ADHD and language delay. Some common characteristics of a child with pragmatic language disorder include: little or no eye-contact when speaking, inability to initiate and maintain conversations with others, and inappropriate/offensive comments. Children may also have difficulty with reading body language, reading/using nonverbal communication, and maintaining personal space between others. As a result, these individuals tend to shy away from social situations and never build lasting relationships. Here at Breakthrough Therapy Services, we offer one-on-one, as well a group therapy session in order to teach appropriate language use. Conversational skills, social interaction, and appropriate behavior, are practiced, in order to give them the confidence and knowledge to interact with others appropriately.


Fluency pertains to the smoothness or flow with which sounds, syllables, words and phrases are produced in connected speech. Children who demonstrate exceptional difficulty speaking (i.e. stuttering, cluttering) are described as “dysfluent”. Some common characteristics of someone with dysfluent speech are a large number of repetitions, prolongations, and blocks. Stuttering often begins at childhood, and can continue throughout a person’s life. If left untreated, it can hinder a child’s ability to engage in normal communication activities. (i.e. Making friends, participating in phone conversations, public speaking), this can be detrimental to a child’s self-esteem. Here at Breakthrough Therapy Service, we take a “behavioral” approach to stuttering, by teaching compensatory speaking strategies that build the child’s self-confidence. Dysfluency may be a lifelong struggle. However, we help our clients realize that they are not alone and that stuttering does not make them inferior to their peers.

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