iPad and Apps

iPad, iPhone, and Apps

Because many kids today communicate via cell phones and IPads, be they Mac or Android technology, Ft. Lauderdale Breakthrough occupational and speech therapy center “team” are heavily internet and learning tools and technology focused. Kimberly Bloom, Center Director, is always on the lookout for new apps that can help both autistic children, their parents, entire families communicate and live better. Learning apps to occupational life or better living applications. Innovative communication applications or “apps,” allowing children with autism to communicate not only with their families, but relate to the world. Her staff of committed, dedicated, and licensed therapists seek means to assist their sessions and work to provide newly adopted or alternative treatments. Anything that makes it easier for a developmentally disabled child to communicate or successfully complete life or tasks of daily living, is golden!

Top 10 Apps for Developmentally Disabled Children

The apps listed below are available on iPhone, iPod and iTouch and some of them are on the Android and Blackberry phones. Many of the apps for the apple devices were developed by parents who have children with autism. Below you will find a list of some of the apps that the Ft. Lauderdale Breakthrough therapists find useful:

AutismTrack™ is a portable, customizable data tracking tool that empowers caregivers of those with autism to easily track interventions, behaviors and symptoms. Checkboxes allow daily recording of any therapy, medicine or diet.

iAssit Communicator – this app is designed for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. This app is specifically focused on the needs of young learners. As such, photos are incorporated.

iReward Chart – This cool autism ipad app offers an easy way to give out “stars,” which can be accumulated and turned into customizable rewards. (For example, maybe a child will need fifteen stars to earn a trip to the mall.)

iMean- one of the first apps developed for the new iPad to help individuals with ASD communicate. The entire screen turns into a large button keyboard, with text displays and word prediction. It allows speech challenged individuals to communicate their needs and ideas directly, distinctly and independently.

Fizz Brain – Quality Learning Games by Real Classroom Teachers: Developed specifically for children on the autism spectrum, these iPhone application games help children practice eye contact and expand their minds while earning fun rewards and playing creatively.

Dance Party Zoo by Fizz Brain– This allows children to practice balance, coordination and rhythm. Its a fun dancing game that allows children to practice basic motor and balance skills

Model Me Going Places – This is a visual teaching tool for helping children learn to navigate locations in the community. Each location contains a slide show of children modeling the appropriate behavior.

Game Factory -This is a match and flash card game that allows parents to upload their own images and choose concepts they want their kids to learn. It allows parents to become an active part of their child’s education.

Proloquo2Go™ is a product from AssistiveWare that provides a full-featured communication solution for people who have difficulty speaking. It brings natural sounding text-to-speech voices, close to 8000 up-to-date symbols, powerful automatic conjugations, and a large default vocabulary.

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