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What fun, engaging, or alternative programs or therapies can help my child with his\her Auditory Processing, Hand-eye coordination, Spatial & Working Memory, Fine & Gross Motor Skills, Speech and Social Skills?

Play Attention!

What is Play Attention?

Play attention, which was inspired by NASA, is a learning system designed to improve attention, behavior, and cognitive function in children and adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).  Unlike cognitive training, Play Attention has been shown to greatly increase cognitive skills by using powerful advancements in neurofeedback technology.

How does it Work?

Play attention was formed on the idea that the greater the attention, the greater the learning. When you are actively engaged in an activity and paying full attention, your brain releases a signal.  While using Play Attention, users wear an armband that monitors that signal and then transmits wirelessly to the computer. With this technology, cognitive games are activated when users apply their full attention to presented tasks. Users can then move their game characters by solely using their mind and attention.  If attention is lost, the game will stop until they are able to fully apply themselves again.  The technology used in the Play Attention program strengthens the mind so you control your mind, it doesn’t control you.

What benefits or developmental breakthroughs are associated with Play Attention?

Controlled clinical tests combined with independent studies done at Breakthrough Pediatric Speech, OT, and ADHD Therapy Center of Broward, provided powerful results, including, in part:

  • Ability to Pay Attention!
  • Noticeable decrease in unwanted and inappropriate behavior.
  • Students completing their homework and household chores or “tasks” in a timely manner and with a smile.
  • Increased ability to filter out distractions.
  • Back packs and lunch boxes and bats and balls and dolls are readily found! An increase in memory and more “organized mind.”

Breakthrough Therapy utilizes Play Attention focusing on the following “games”:

  • Attention Stamina (assists in maintaining attention for longer periods of time)
  • Visual Tracking (helps maintain attention while tracking a moving object or person)
  • Time on Task (teaches users to begin an activity quickly, and stay focused on that activity until it is completed)
  • Discriminatory Processing (helps users discriminate between important and unimportant information)
  • Short Term Memory (teaches users to process information and place it in short term memory for recall)
  • Academic Bridge (shows users how to complete functional tasks in an appropriate amount of time)

My Child Has Cognitive Therapy; Why Do I want Play Attention?

When comparing cognitive training with Play Attention, a study completed by Tufts University School of Medicine found that overall Play attention produced significant improvements (i.e., improved focus, behavior, and academics) in participants with ADHD, while cognitive training did not.  In addition, many participants who received cognitive therapy required medication increases, while those who took part in the Play Attention program did not.  Furthermore, when researchers tested participants six months post treatment; play attention participants maintained their significant gains.

Give your child (children) the gift of a sharper mind, better behavior, increased attention span, controllable impulses, and all of the wonderful circumstances that flow from a child being his or her best!

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